More than an annual event, Tentacular is also a platform for the production and distribution of new ideas in contemporary digital culture. This year, the festival is partnering with several international arts organizations to present new commissions that will debut at the festival.

Dust – Nerea Calvillo & Jacob Hurwitz-Goodman 

A video essay on the biopolitics of pollen, based on the work of architect and cultural theorist Nerea Calvillo (ES/UK), co-produced with art collective DIS (US) for the edutainment platform DIS.ART.

Meat Growers: A Love Story Rindon Johnson

The virtual reality work Meat Growers: A Love Story by artist Rindon Johnson (US), co-produced with Rhizome, centers on a fictional tale of love and longing between two coworkers in a meat growing plant.

DIS_EASE – Mariam Ghani 

An excerpt of the forthcoming creative documentary DIS-EASE by artist and filmmaker Mariam Ghani (US), presented in partnership with Eyebeam. DIS-EASE is an archival essay film about illness, metaphors, contagion, isolation, and how a century-plus of waging metaphorical “war on disease” affects our medical treatment, health insurance, responses to epidemics, and planning for future pandemics.