"Pepe Vs. Gondola"

Clusterduck presents two meme characters or reaction memes that can almost be considered each other’s opposite: Pepe the Frog and Gondola. Pepe is the most known and controversial reaction meme in the world, a million times depicted, many times declared dead: god of the alt-right, subject of art, symbol of hate. Gondola is a reaction meme unknown to most non-memers: wholesome figure, non-violence master, protector of web artists, heir and benevolent evolution of the beloved and infamous Pedo Bear. Two stories, two symbols, a million different implications that tell us something about our social life online.

Clusterduck, a research and art collective studying the formation and development of online subcultural clusters. Digital subcultures are being generated on the social web with extreme speed and in increasing numbers. Over the course of a year, Clusterduck has come to build a large network of digital creators, engaging on research chats, groups and initiatives launched by the collective.