Eyal Weizman / Forensic Architecture

"The Aesthetics of Research"

Forensic Architecture is a multidisciplinary research group that uses digital technologies and techniques typical of architecture to research human rights violations and cases of governmental violence around the world. Thanks to the use of new tools such as satellite photography, digital cameras and data-sharing platforms, its projects, carried out in collaboration with citizens, generate innovative methods for analysing and gathering evidence. Its practice is a paradigm of militant research, a reflection on visual and spatial culture and a heightening of digital aesthetics. Forensic Architecture works with communities affected by acts of political and social violence alongside NGOs, activists and human rights organisations. Its reconstructions, investigations and displays go beyond disciplines such as investigative journalism, art and architecture, activism and providing legal expert witness reports.

Led by the architect Eyal Weizman, Forensic Architecture is an independent research agency that consists of artists, filmmakers, academics, software developers, investigative journalists, lawyers and scientists. It is based at Goldsmiths (University of London) and undertakes advanced architectural and media research on behalf of international prosecutors, human rights organisations and political and environmental justice groups. Forensic architecture is also an emergent academic field that refers to the production and presentation of architectural evidence – buildings and urban environments and their media representations.