Felipe G. Gil es a leading member of ZEMOS98, one of the organisations that has for the last 20 years generated essential activity around audiovisual and digital culture in Spain. His articles on eldiario.es are an exhaustive catalogue of the obsessions, memes and in-jokes that go viral among Spanish internet users each week. He is coming to Tentacular to go beyond the boundaries of the talk, performance and show, and to do so he has chosen to borrow Noel Ceballos’s book Internet Safari and to guide us through the beauty spots, wildlife and geostrategic accidents on the Web in recent years.

Felipe G. Gil is an expert in internet-based education and directs audiovisual projects at ZEMOS98. He is co-editor of the EMBED.at digital publication and pursues research in remixing as a cultural ecosystem. He writes regularly on online culture for eldiario.es.