"A Parallel World: Google Street View"

In 2007, Google launched its ambitious Street View project to photograph every street in every town and village around the world as seen by pedestrians. Since then, Google’s cars have taken millions of everyday scenes and frozen them in its servers. To an extent, Street View has changed photography for ever, and it is not surprising that it fascinates creators the whole world over. We make our way into Google Street View with an outstanding guide, Joan Fontcuberta, the artist in Spain who has explored in greatest depth the relationship between the image, technology and truth.

Joan Fontcuberta has developed a multifaceted activity in the world of photography as a creator, teacher, critic, exhibition curator and historian. The author of a dozen history books and essays on photography, he has shown his work in museums around the world. Among other honours, he was given the Hasselblad International Award in 2013.