"Truth, Lies & Literature on Twitter"

Prior to the summer of 2017, Manuel Bartual was known as an author of comics and as a filmmaker. Everything changed when, on 21 August that year and over the course of the following days, the ‘thread’ of messages he posted on Twitter in which he recounted the strange events that occurred during his holidays became a story told in instalments that had half the country glued to their smartphones. In conversation with Felipe G. Gil, Bartual will talk about the possibilities offered by social media as a literary device and what he learned from “Todo está bien”, the Twitter thread that changed his life. Since that time, Bartual has specialised in creating narrative experiments with thousands of followers that use Twitter as a support and which blur the boundaries between fiction and reality, the digital space and the public space.

Manuel Bartual has directed a dozen shorts and a feature-length film, Todos tus secretos, and he has written comic strips and stories that have appeared in magazines such as El Jueves and Orgullo y Satisfacción. He has also published El otro Manuel, his first novel.