Matthew Plummer-Fernández

Matthew Plummer-Fernandez’s box of tools contains some of the most advanced technologies of our era: algorithms, bots and 3D printers. However, none of them work as they should in his projects. Heir to the illustrious tradition of the beauty of the digital error – the glitch – and fascinated by the magical realism of Colombia, where he was born, his work has shaped a parallel universe in which digital tools work together on creation following a logic of their own that is also unpredictable, poetic and inevitably political: from the unusual effects of algorithms on everyday life to the first robot art critic, as well as the Every Mickey series of sculptures, a remix of doubtful legality of all the digital depictions of the famous animated character.

Matthew Plummer-Fernandez critically and playfully explores our social and cultural interplay using technology, 3D-printed sculptures, bots, installations and online publications.