We don’t live in an age of post-truth. We live in an age in which the effects of technology can obscure our wish to perceive and talk about what matters most. In The If Borderlands the American poet Elise Partridge (1958–2015) wrote about life as a series of roads not taken. She wrote about what if that other thing—not the thing that actually happened—would have happened.
“We raid the warehouses of inerrant fortune cookies,” Partridge wrote, longing for lost loved ones, and for a globe, “tender as a peach,” that might have been. What would happen if we raided our own warehouses of inerrant fortune cookies? In their search, Metahaven will draw on some of their recent film work, as well as the work of absurdist poets and long-take filmmakers.

The work of Metahaven consists of filmmaking, writing, design, and installations, and is united conceptually by interests in poetry, storytelling, digital superstructures, and propaganda. Films by Metahaven include The Sprawl (Propaganda about Propaganda) (2015), Information Skies (2016), Possessed (2018, with Rob Schröder), Hometown (2018) and Eurasia (Questions on Happiness) (2018). Publications include Digital Tarkovsky (2018), PSYOP (2018), Black Transparency (2015) and Uncorporate Identity (2010). Their work is screened, published, and exhibited worldwide.