Digital Counter-narratives

A workshop led by Inés Bebea, Claire Mollet and David V. Sequí of Ondula collective.

Price: free
25 places
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Our perception of the data networks we use every day is steeped in the imaginary of the cloud. Digital metaphors pervade our understanding of technology from its inoffensive purity, spotlessness and supposed neutrality. However, citizens’ privacy and digital security are at stake. This practical workshop provides an opportunity to learn and to reflect on these questions with a critical and creative eye, building new narratives that make the physical implications of networks visible through plastic and artistic interventions in the urban space.

Organised as part of the Glass Room Experience exhibition, a Tactical Tech and Mozilla initiative intended to raise awareness of digital privacy and the security of our personal data. The exhibition is open to the public at Medialab Prado until 15 December.