The Internet Yami-Ichi

The Internet Yami-lchi (the ‘internet black market’ in Japanese) is a bazaar for internet-ish things. Part flea market and cabinet of curiosities, part encounter between super-users, designers, programmers and local and international artists, the Yami-lchi is a fun and open space where it is possible to buy and sell ideas, images, absurd inventions and everyday objects from the most imaginative, insidious and invisible areas of the Web.

All kinds of things are to be found among the items sold at previous Yami-lchis: from forbidden links to clothing printed with interfaces that have now disappeared; from a rehabilitation clinic for internet addicts to advice on how to write hate emails, user passwords, Edward Snowden snow globes, apps rejected by Apple, packs of ten Likes for €1, and bits of hard disks from a Google data centre in Belgium.

The first Internet Yami-lchi was organised in Tokyo in 2012 by the art duo Exonemo and the mysterious IDPW online art collective, “a secret society on the internet that goes back more than a hundred years”. Thus far, it has travelled to numerous cities, among them New York, Berlin, Barcelona, Moscow, Amsterdam and Seoul. It comes to Madrid for the first time as part of Tentacular in collaboration with Julián Pérez, an artist and defender of free technologies, and Mario Santamaría, one of the leading post-digital artists on the Spanish scene.