Zach Blas is an artist, writer and filmmaker. In his work, he connects technology, politics and queer theory. His projects explore technological monitoring systems, biometric governance and new forms of ideological and material capturing in the era of social media.

Zach Blas is the author of SANCTUM, an installation produced by Matadero which will premiere at Abierto x Obras. The themes of SANCTUM within Blas’ work will be the subject of a lecture-performance and a conversation with the curator Julia Kaganskiy.

Julia Kaganskiy is a writer, editor and cultural producer with a special interest in art and technology. She was the founding director of NEW INC, the incubator for art, design and technology of the New Museum in New York, and was the editor of the Creators Project, an international artistic initiative run by VICE and Intel that looked at the ways in which technology can nurture creativity in all its manifestations.